Atlatl Workshops

The atlatl and dart are the primitive weapon system that predate the bow and arrow.

Our next Atlatl Workshop is Saturday, June 22nd, at: 

 the Conejo Valley Archers Range

4651 Tapo Canyon Rd, Simi Valley, CA 93063

We provide an atlatl blank and hand straightened dart shaft, along with feathers and other materials to make your own complete set (one atlatl and dart).  Materials for additional darts and atlatls will be available for purchase on the day of the workshop (so quick learners can continue to experiment with new styles, and for those who want to continue to make atlatls at home on their own).

This is a great way to introduce beginners and young people to primitive skills.  Mature young people who provide adult supervision and have enough hand strenth and co-ordination to use hand tools should enjoy this very much!  A great way for a parent and child to interact (each participant pays separate fee).  Scout troops welcome!

The class is designed to give participants enough time to rough out their atlatl blanks and fletch their darts, learn about general atlatl and dart making skills like point hafting, foreshafts, dart shaft harvesting, drying, and straightening, spur styles, and start to learn to how to throw darts with the atlatl.  Time permitting, there will be an unofficial ISAC (International Standard Accuracy Competition), to introduce participants to the world of atlatl competitions, as put on all over the world by members of the World Atlatl Association (WAA).

Our hope is that these workshops will kindle a desire in young and old alike to learn about ancient skills, like bow-making, flintknapping, fire starting, wood carving, and more.

Contact us about getting into one of our workshops, or help us set up a date for you and your friends, family or group (scouts, church group, office leadership, etc.) to have a workshop just for them.

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